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Bill Davis, RPT and Jorja Davis
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Why Tune and Service My Piano?

Manufacturers and professionals agree that the best way to protect the investment in your instrument is to have it tuned and serviced regularly. More...

How Do I Move My Piano Safely?

If you are moving across town or across the country, using trained, skilled professionals who can prepare your piano for the move and transport it safely can protect your investment. More...

Servicing a Piano: What Do You Do?

Service entails more than just tuning; a piano needs to be inspected, cleaned, regulated, voiced, and adjusted to compensate for normal wear and tear and environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, and location. More...

Aunt Betty just spilled her tea inside my piano, help!

Some things do not mix! Spilled liquids can damage your piano forever. If you have a spill, please call us as soon as possible at (770) 778-6881.

Taking Lessons

Jorja Davis

Taking piano or vocie lessons should be fun. We specialize in lessons for children and adults. We work with beginners, continuing, and returning students. More...

    Buying a New Piano

A good quality piano is an investment for a lifetime. Get the best instrument you can afford. We can help guide you through the purchasing decision process More...

  Buying a Used Piano

Buyer beware! What looks like a bargain may not be. The condition of the case cannot tell you the value or usability of the instrument. More...

  Should I Rent a Piano?

Renting a piano is often a good option prior to purchase of one. The PianoPlace has a limited number of pianos for rent; we can also recommend other rental options

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