Moving a Piano

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Pianos are large and heavy (a very small piano easily weighs 350 lbs.) and many grand pianos weigh over 1000 lbs. Pianos improperly moved can be easily damaged and may require repairs costing hundreds or even thousands of dollars

Unlike furniture, a piano needs special attention during a move, because of its delicate moving parts, wood frame, and environment sensitivity.

Here are some good tips …

Before you arrange a move research the moving companies. Ask what kind of experience they have with piano moving, and the methods they use to move the piano. Also see if they can give you any references from other customers.

Before the movers arrive take very detailed photos of the piano. You will need these in case any damage is done to the piano during the move. When the piano arrives at its new location check it thoroughly for any visible damages. If you see any, make sure you note it on the delivery receipt before you sign it.

Still thinking about moving the piano yourself?

Please, think again. Pianos are HEAVY. A small upright can easily weigh as much as 400 lbs. Also, many of the older uprights are extremely top heavy (all the weight of the plate, action, and pinblock are at the top of the piano, making it unstable when it is moved on its casters). Improper negotiation of stairs or even a step can result in stripped veneer, broken casters, legs or pedals. Grand pianos need to be disassembled and moved on their side. Specialized equipment can simplify this process and decrease the possibility of injury to yourself or the piano. The cost to have your piano professionally moved is insignificant compared to the risk and expense of personal injury, liability, or repair or replacement of your instrument.

Below is what happened during a self cross-room move. Back leg caught on carpet and broke. Front legs splayed out, ripping screws out of piano bottom. Piano collapsed on pedal lyre completely destroying the assembly.

Repair cost:
3 new legs which have to be fitted
Piano case repair to hold new legs
New piano lyre and hardware
All new parts have to be finished to match case.

Total is almost $2000